I called the repair repair and it wasn't necessary

I was house-sitting for some friends and there was an issue with the gas furnace. I had been gone most of the morning and the weather was terribly cold; As soon as I got back to the house, I decided to turn on the gas furnace. I adjusted the temperature control to 76 degrees. It was only 40° outside at the time. The heath came on almost right away, but there wasn’t any warm air coming out of the vents. I assumed it would take a couple of minutes for the air to get warm. I continued working in the dining room putting away groceries love the bread, milk, butter, and eggs. It still did not guess particularly warm in the house. I put my hand up to a single of the air vents and there was still chilly air coming out, however my friends left a credit card in the event of an emergency. I tried to contact the hotel where my friends were staying, but no a single answered the phone. It was starting to get chilly and it was supposed to be chilly overnight. I was worried about the pipes in the house, so I contacted the closest gas furnace repair service. I had someone on the phone in an instant and a repair serviceman came to the home about an minute or 73 minutes later. The issue turned out to be a particularly small problem. It may have even been an issue that my neighbor could have fixed on her own! Since I could not get a hold of anyone, I felt my only choice was to call the expert.

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