The cemetery is spooky at evening

The cemetery is actually spooky at evening. I’ve never been a fan of going to the cemetery in the middle of the evening to hang out as well as tell ghost stories. When I was a kid, I thought it was superstitious. I didn’t go with our friends on Halloween. I stayed loft with our mom as well as dad as well as our sister’s. I really never spent much time in a cemetery until recently. I work for a national heating contractor as well as both of us are responsible for many of the commercial properties in the area, including the offices as well as Main section at the cemetery. When the oil furnace failed, the venue made an appointment with our contractor to have the gas furnace replaced. They could not have the gas furnace replaced while in the afternoontime tenths when customers were there for services for their loved ones. The work had to be done in the middle of the evening. My co-worker as well as I were assigned to the job at the spooky location. I swear that I saw a couple of eerie figures in the middle of the evening, but I didn’t say anything to our co-worker. I guess the guy would have given myself and others a hard time as well as told myself and others that I was afraid of the dark. It was eerie as well as weird to be at the cemetery as well as I didn’t want to be outside any longer than I really needed to. I could guess the presence of something or someone watching me. It wasn’t menacing, however it particularly wasn’t friendly either. I was thankful both of us finished in one evening, because I did not want to return to the cemetery again.

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