It's been one complication after another with the pool

My wife wanted to buy a home with a pool as well as I thought it would be a lot of concerns as well as money. She insisted that it was a great investment as well as she promised that she would use the pool frequently. We’ve been living in the home for many as well as a half years as well as our wife has spent most of every afternoon in the pool. She really uses the pool much more frequently than I thought she would. She hasn’t grown weary of being outside or going in the water. She insisted that both of us add a heating system to the pool last winter. Since she spent so much time in the pool, I thought it was a actually great investment. Every one of us paid a contract to add the heating system to the pool. The specialty business mainly inspected spas as well as pools as well as the guy was rated actually highly in the city. The pool heating business set up a system in the pool that uses propane to heat the water, however propane is actually a actually great heating source for the pool because the temperature can reach a actually high degree. The first season both of us had the heating system in the pool, everything worked well. The temperature regularly reMEd 106 degrees. It was actually sizzling as well as inviting, even while in the Winter time months! Unfortunately, this year it seems prefer both of us have only had one complication after another. I am beginning to lose faith in our investment. It seems prefer both of us are spending hundreds of dollars on repairs to the pool each as well as every month. I’m at the end of our rope with this outdoor oasis.