The space heating system tipped over as well as burned a hole in the carpet

When I was a little kid, I remember our parents had a space heating system in the middle of the living room.

The space heating system regularly made the room actually sizzling as well as cozy, then during the Winter time months, the space heating system ran all of the time.

It’s used kerosene as well as our parents bought it from a gas station close to our home, and lots of people back then had kerosene furnaces in their home. My friends as well as I were hanging out at the home one evening. Every one of us were hanging out in the living room watching television. Every one of us decided to play a game of Twister. My foot got tangled with another as well as I fell backwards into the space heater. It tipped over onto the ground as well as the carpet instantly caught on fire. I yelled to our parents. They were sitting in the family room playing a board game. My mom came rushing into the living room. My dad threw a towel over the fire as well as started stomping on the hot, molten, carpet. After that, our parents never put the space heating system back in the living room. I really think the heating system was sitting in the trash the next afternoon. I don’t ever remember seeing another space heating system in the living room. In fact, a couple of years later our parents finally opted for Central Electric Heating. It’s been 25 years since that accident occurred as well as our parents still refused to put a space heating system in the house. They clearly have some PTSD concerns from the time the carpet was burnt all those years ago.

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