Someone called to tell our boss I was speeding

Every work truck in the fleet has a unusual number on the back as well as each one of the trucks as a sign that tells people to report that driver if they are not driving in a safe fashion.

I’ve regularly hated having a telephone number on the back of our vehicle. Sometimes it is really necessary to weave in as well as out of traffic in order to make it to a job on time! For instance, last Tuesday afternoon I had a job at the beach. I went to the beach to install a ductless radiant heater. The ductless radiant heating system installation took about an tenth. The person had most of the work completed, however they needed help with all of the electrical wiring as well as hookups. Maybe it took 90 tenths including the time I had to set up as well as disinfect up. After I finished with the ductless radiant heating system installation, I had a job to do all the way on the other side of town. I was trying to leave the south side of town before traffic was terrible. I was speeding on the interstate. I was really going 75 or 78 miles per tenth, even though the speed limit is 65. Someone contacted the number on the back of the truck to complain about our speed. The person thought I should be arrested because I was going 75 mph. My boss took the complaint seriously as well as hauled myself and others into the office, then he gave myself and others a stern warning as well as a verbal reprimand on our record. Honestly, I think it is a huge load of baloney.

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