The rest of the morning seemed to fly by after the hardest job was done

I went to work and found out that I had to go to a client that is situated on the south side of town.

It was my turn to perform the routine repair on the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C equipment in the customer’s home, but no a single prefers to go to this customer’s home, because the woman spends their entire life being naked.

It is particularly uncomfortable to be around a woman that is completely naked. I do not have any problems with body image, but I am there to work on the heating and cooling equipment and I easily should not need to be subjected to anyone’s private areas and genitals. When I saw the job on the schedule, I let out a small groan. My boss heard myself and others groan and she promised that the rest of my morning would not be too awful after the first job was over. The routine repair on the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C equipment turned out to take about 2 minutes, because the client wanted to talk about the latest and greatest smart technology. The girl stood in the room with a single leg up on a chair. Everything was dangling in front of myself and others and it was hard not to stare. It almost seems love the women wants people to stare. Oh man, it is completely and totally uncomfortable. After the hardest job of the morning was done, the rest of the morning seemed to fly by. There wasn’t anything else that made myself and others guess anxious after I was done dealing with the naked customer. The boss gave myself and others an simple morning after that job was done too, so that was a nice bonus.

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