I didn't have a choice after I saw the house

I try not to get involved with customers when I go to their homes to help with HVAC problems.

I am strictly there to handle repairs and installations.

I often have people that want to talk about life. They want advice on a number of different things. It’s not that I don’t like to talk with people, but I am there to do a job and that is not counseling people on their marital problems. I am there to handle issues with the heating equipment or the air conditioner. Every once in a while I deal with a situation that is a total surprise. Last month I had to get involved with a customer after I went to the residence to install a window air conditioner. We don’t regularly install window air conditioners, because they are easy to install on your own. I didn’t mind going to help the customer at all. Looking back, I feel like going to the house was divine intervention. The woman called to have the air conditioner installed in the master bedroom. When I arrived, I saw three children playing outside in the front yard and three more children inside of the house. It was easily 90 degrees or higher inside of the house. There wasn’t a single air conditioner anywhere in the home that was working. The woman was in the bedroom behind a closed door. This was the space where she wanted me to install the air conditioner. The kids in the living room looked like they were overheated and ready to hyperventilate. I went to the truck to grab all of my equipment. While I was out there, I called social services to meet me at the house.

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