Getting my HVAC appointment before the summer arrives

I happen to live in a state that has semi-tropical weather for a good portion of the year and I like it.

I must say that at times, I do wish that it could remain colder a bit longer in the nippy season.

Our Winters are pretty mild, and the chilly weather lasts for maybe a couple of weeks. In January, I noticed that the plants and some trees in my yard were blossoming, and the bees were pollinating. It was at that moment that I was able to see that Spring would come early. Then it seems as though we skipped Spring altogether because the temperature outside has been hovering around 90 degrees. While sitting in my yard with my iPhone, I noticed that it was overheating from the sun, and that happened last year as well. My Heating and A/C appliance malfunctioned on 1 of the hottest mornings. I would appreciate it to avoid any major setbacks this year, so I contacted my Heating and A/C appliance worker for him to perform a repair service. It is best that I get my Heating and A/C serviced at this time before the tied up Summer season starts because while I was in that time, it’s more challenging to get appointments… My Heating and A/C appliance tech will be here in 2 mornings, and I will remind him about the component last year and ask him for any recommendations to prevent issues moving forward. I changed my air filter 2 weeks ago because my Heating and A/C appliance worker always asks about how often I change it. He has mentioned that the air conditioning appliance runs more efficiently with a scrubbed air filter, so I make sure that I change it as needed. I hope that when he comes for the service, he finds nothing that is actually wrong with my air conditioning appliance.


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