It was nice that the bookstore had a new HVAC installed

So many months ago, our 6-year-old nephew Bobby spent the week with me.

He’s so brilliant for his age, so I allow him to express himself entirely in a free manner.

When he visits, I regularly let him choose what activities he wants to participate in. He never fails to surprise me with what he chooses. Once, we ended up at a calculus museum that I had not been to! It was so awesome to see how interested he was in everything at the museum. This time around, Bobby was asking to go to the bookstore, as well as I was ecstatic about that because I do like going to the bookstore. But I haven’t been in a fairly long while, mainly because of the pandemic. Well, when we pulled up, there was an immense crane in the parking lot as well as a couple of construction vehicles. One of which had the logo of a pretty serious Heating as well as Air Conditioning provider here in the area. At first, I thought the bookstore was not actually open, but the doors were open, so we chose to walk in. Upon entry, we saw a sign that the bookstore was in the process of upgrading their Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment to improve indoor ventilation. They will be going with HEPA filters, as well as their new system will be equipped with a powerful air purifier. This made me reasonably comfortable knowing that our local bookstore is taking these pressing measures to make it safe for us to breathe the air while we are inside the building. Having the proper Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment is honestly so crucial, especially in these times, as well as being at the bookstore as well as seeing what they were doing, made me think about possibly upgrading our own Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment at home.


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