Small towns often lack air conditioning

My partner is from a small town in the Southern area of the nation! And when I say small, I mean the people in the city all actually know each other. Most have been there all their lives & did not choose to move out. Happily, my partner wanted to get out & find her own way, & that she did! She hasn’t lived there in over 25 years, & the last time she went back, it was because of her uncle’s funeral. I actually went with her on that trip, & I was shocked at how small that locale was. Being from a big city, I am not used to sites similar to that. When we were there, we stayed at my partner’s cousin’s household. I wanted to stay at a hotel that was about 20 minutes away, however my partner insisted that we should be around family. However, that was a pretty serious mistake. This was in the middle of the hot season, & her cousin had no a/c component in her household. Most of the houses in the city were built several years ago before central air was affordable. So, they depended on fans to keep them cool. My partner was alright without a/c, but I was miserable. The fan that we actually had, did nothing but circulate the overheated air inside our room. So, after the first night, I told my partner that I was not staying in that household for the duration of our visit. That night, we drove to the hotel that was about 20 minutes away, & that night, I slept something like a baby in an air conditioned hotel room.



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