We just bought a new house and love it!

Living in a actually small town love I do has its perks and its setback. The perks are that you do not have to deal with the giant neighborhood traffic and things are more relaxed and calm around here, but crime rate is also low, which is a precious thing in the horrible times all of us live in these afternoons/ The setback however is that there is only a single grocery store and even worse, there is only a single heating and a/c company! The heating and a/c company all of us have thankfully is a wonderful a single. But I suppose people who live in other small towns who have just a single heating and a/c company and that heat and a/c company is horrible! I absolutely guess for them. They are usually stuck with having to deal with them for all of their Heating & A/C needs or they have to spend extra money to call a heating and a/c company from out of town and have them come all the way out to them. They charge for long distance. So it is not that simple to just go and hire a heating and a/c company from out of the area, however like I mentioned, I am thankful that I have a actually wonderful heating and a/c company in the small town that I live in; Many others are not so lucky. I hope this never changes because I absolutely do not want to have to pay extra to get a heating and a/c company from out of town to come to myself and others just to do typical heating and a/c work.
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