How i got into HVAC

I was thinking about how my career as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist came about.

It all started when I was a kid growing up.

I used to go to the library in the summer time months to do research on things. One day I came across this reference book that talked all about heating and air conditioning. It was something I found by accident and started reading it. And this was what started it all. I slowly became more and more interested in how you repair a central heating and air conditioning system and then by the time a few more years went by it was certain to me that I wanted to become a heating and air conditioning specialist for a career when I graduated high school. When that day came I ended up finding a really great heating and cooling school that was able to teach me what I needed to know and eventually get my official certification to work in the heating and air conditioning business. Today I am a heat and a/c worker that owns their very own HVAC company. Some may call me an independent heat and a/c specialist, but I am a bit more than that since I do have some employees that I hire and pay weekly to work on heat and a/c systems with me. All of this would have never happened had I not came across that book at the library that one day way back when I was a kid and started reading it.


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