It still works, so I’m not going to fix it

You know I can not believe the fact that this 40 year old dial thermostat that I have still works! I am not kidding you! This dial thermostat is 40 years old and is one that I had when I was growing up in my parents home.

They gave it to me when they sold the house and moved some years ago.

I kept it and used it with my very own central heating and air conditioning system unit. And I was thinking about it today that this thing is 4 decades old and it still works as if it were brand new and up to date! My central heating and air conditioning system is brand new and up to date and this ancient dial thermostat actually works with it. I wonder if this dial thermostat will ever die? Well I can tell you that as long as the dial thermostat still works good as new I am going to keep it for life if I can. Because I really am not a fan of modern HVAC technology. I am not into the whole smart thermostat thing and the whole smart heating and air conditioning system thing. I feel there are too many flaws that need to be ironed out yet that no one talks about. I have had my experiences with smart thermostats and they are not good ones at all. So I am glad that this old dial thermostat is still alive and kicking after all these years. It is the best.

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