I needed to secure my heating plus cooling unit

Today I installed a metal cage around my Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.

It was a day I hope it’s never seen come plus it was something I did not want to do but it was necessary.

There have been reports in my area of multiple people having their heating plus A/C units completely destroyed because of some thieves that would come plus destroy them for the copper fillings. At first it started in the neighborhood a few miles from me. I didn’t guess it would ever come here. However I grew more worried as reports grew closer plus closer to my area. Then it happens, the first report of it happened in my town. My acquaintance that has only multiple streets down had his a text does not completely destroyed. Now that I knew that they were here I knew that I had to do something to prevent them from destroying my heating plus cooling system. So not only did I lock a cage around it, although I also got security cameras plus locale them around my house. That should deter them if that does not deter them then maybe when I want 100 lb in German Shepherd will. He’s a total sweetheart but sounds love a silly guard pet if you don’t suppose him, but I don’t want them to suppose that. This neighborhood used to be a single of the safest areas I knew plus now it has changed for the worst. It’s silly that I have to worry about my heating plus A/C system. I cannot even adore my own Heating plus Air Conditioning component that I have worked hard for all because some people want some fillings. It’s a anxious day.

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