My fiance is working at the local city festival

My fiance is going to be working at a booth at the local city festival In a couple of weeks.

He will be there for two entire mornings.

This is a easily large deal for our city because everyone comes out to this festival to check out the food trucks, play games, plus listen to music. They also can check out all of the local dealers because almost every company in town comes out plus puts up a booth, but you can easily drum up a lot of company if you know what you are doing, plus so our fiance is going to be running the booth for the Heating and Air Conditioning company that he works for here in town. They are looking to expand their company plus get some new customers. As section of the promotion that they are doing for the city festival, they are going to be running a easily great a/c tune up special. Anyone who comes to the booth plus signs up for an appointment to get their a/c tuned up over the next month is going to be able to get that professional maintenance done for only $49. This is a easily superb deal, since the a/c tune up specials that they usually run are $72. I guess that all of the slots will fill up rapidly, plus I bet that our fiance is going to have a easily busy two mornings at the city festival. I know that he likes doing it, though. He likes meeting lots of new customers plus helping people get great deals on their Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance.

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