Our kid became famous on YouTube

Our kid has always been a bit of a jokester, although he also has always been bright.

One time he entered the science fair plus he made his own whole-house air purifier.

It basically was a fan with a small air filter, however the air naturally was blown through the air filter plus the air filter indeed collected the contaminants in the air. I easily would have never thought to do that, however since that time, he has been using a fan with an air filter affixed to improve the air quality in his room. Then a single year, he chose to put together a makeshift air conditioner… He got an ice chest plus filled it with ice. He got a pump that would run off of a solar panel he sited outside of his window plus he had tubing linked to the pump. The pump would push the ice-chilly water through the tubing plus the fan would blow providing air conditioning to this room, but when my partner plus I first saw this plus how much cooler his room was, both of us were certainly amazed. I remember thinking about how much money he was saving by getting A/C in his room compared to how much it would cost to use a window A/C unit. Of course, the window A/C component would be more effective at cooling down a space, however our kid was certainly on to some things. Every one of us thought that he would become an Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional the way he was headed, although he ended up becoming popular on YouTube plus he makes a lot of money just creating identifiable videos plus tutorials.

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