The outstanding indoor air quality made the interview experience better

Since I found out about this supplier, it has been my dream to work there.

  • It is a non-profit supplier that provides farmers with seedlings, fertilizer as well farming tips for a small fee.

This supplier also provides financial assistance to these farmers to improve their livelihood. I first found out about it through my aunt, who is a beneficiary. After doing my due diligence to research it, I felt that I had sufficient information to ace an interview if there ever was an open position. To my surprise, a month after, I applied for a vacant position. This position needed someone with people management skills plus experience in laboring with Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. Experience laboring in an Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation would be an added advantage. Fortunately, I have worked as a cooling expert for three years at a local store. The job description included providing air conditioning tune-up services including keeping the Heating plus Air Conditioning ducts clean plus officially checking on the duct sealing. I would also sell component such as the heat pump, the mini-cut air conditioning, plus all types of temperature controls. This component improves the livelihood of the farmers by decreasing the indoor air quality among other creature comforts. I passed the first round of interviews plus proceeded to the practicals. The room where my group was directed was small plus had numerous pieces of equipment. I was distraught plus started dripping with sweat when the invigilator noticed. He adjusted the temperature with the control component which significantly improved the indoor comfort. This cooled me down plus I proceeded with the quest of becoming the current contractor. I illustrated how to install a current plus integrate the zone control system. I was absolutely confident that the cooling specialist would pass me through.

a/c serviceman