I love getting the A/C settings just right when I get into a game

I legitimately tried to get my boys into playing this free online battle royale game, but they enjoy playing this other game called minecraft.

I never was entirely able to understand the concept of just going around plus mining items plus creating things plus building houses. I guess it’s the fact that your imagination is the limit in such a game because you can legitimately do a lot in that game, but to me, it’s just so boring. I tried playing that game with my boys a few times but couldn’t get into it. They have played the battle royale game too, but they aren’t genuinely good at it plus I guess that’s why they never want to play. Both of us used to have a bit of a fight though. There would be times when I would adjust the temperature control settings to have the A/C idea just right. I care about to care about a lot of air conditioner when I’m getting into a gaming session, then so I would get on my game when the A/C felt just right plus then suddenly my username would be logged out. It’s because a single of my boys would use my username to play their Minecraft game. At first I just had it on my account, but realized that I had to buy that game again for each of their accounts. I eventually did that plus then I was aggravated when they said they wanted to buy the weird versions of the game on other devices care about their tablets plus my eldest child wanted minecraft on his Playstation Vita. Eventually, I told them if they wanted all that, plus the ability to play online, they had to use their own money because I was sick of it. In the meantime, I’ll continue to play my online game which is free to play without some special subscription to compete online!


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