My neighbor was consistently goofy over the years, but genuinely bright

My best neighbor has consistently been a goofy kid. He would consistently be telling jokes in the classroom plus have everybody laughing. He mostly hung out with me though because he said I was the truest neighbor he ever had plus not fake care about several of those other posers. I knew the style he was referring too, I couldn’t rest people care about that either. I remember when he got a cell phone finally after so long, he left this absurd voice mail message. He would say, “Hello” with a long pause; Naturally you would beginning talking to him thinking he answered the phone plus then suddenly he would say, “Sorry I’m away at None.” You would be wondering what he was talking about plus then he said after another long pause, “None ya business!” I told him he was so stupid for that however he got me when he said he bet I laughed when it happened to me the first time. Eventually, he got around to telling me he wanted to be an Heating plus A/C professional after graduating from high university. He asked me what I wanted to do plus I wasn’t sure, but I said being an Heating plus A/C expert might be kind of cool. Both of us both ended up going to Heating plus A/C classes to get certified for the Heating plus A/C industry. It was just care about our seasoned nights back in university, he had everybody laughing including the Heating plus A/C teacher who said he saw us doing sizable things in the future. My neighbor was encouraged to become an Heating plus A/C engineer since he was so bright plus had several good ideas.


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