I found my old heater

Today I made a discovery in my house.

I was going through some old memorabilia that had been stored away in the Attic forever.

Old pictures of me as a kid my parents, and just different things I’ve done throughout my life. All these items I had stored away and long since forgotten about I was now looking out with new eyes. Seeing those images was almost like being back there for a moment. It gave me a great sense of nostalgia. Why I was fumbling through the box I found something else that I wasn’t expecting to find. My old space heater! When I was in high school I had a space heater that I would use to keep my bedroom warm. My parents and I lived in a cold area so it was important that we had a good source of warmth and even though we had a furnace that was responsible for a central heating system, I like having a space heater in my room as a backup. It made an excellent little backup and I really liked having it. When I had moved out of my own and I had my own heating and cooling system I’d completely forgotten all about it. I guess I just showed it in all these boxes and forgotten that it existed but now that I found it again I wanted to see if it still worked. I grabbed the space heater in my hands, curious as ever and plugged it into the wall. To my shock it did come on! As old as it was I would think it would no longer work, especially with the sitting so long but no pair it was still running. As great as it was still working. I didn’t want to use it, it was kind of special and nostalgic, and reminded me of simpler times and I didn’t want to use it and burn it out. So I put it back in my closet.
Heating tune up