The system needed a little TLC in form of an air conditioner tune-up

Since the global pandemic began about two years back, I have been working from home. I find that I am more comfortable therefore I become productive at work. With working from home, the responsibility of creating a comfortable and conducive work environment is left to you and not to the HR as typical. There are a few changes I made to my house to promote comfortability. One of the major things was to replace my aged heat pump with a new mini split air conditioner. This system has saved me a whole lot when it comes to energy bills. The new contractor also switched out my dial temperature control with a state-of-the-art Wifi thermostat. Going into summer, the cooling expert had recommended I upgrade to a new air conditioning hence the new unit. At first, all was well for some time. I had not called back the cooling specialist since the installation of the new system. I was happy with the indoor comfort it provided and so did not see any need for a check-up. I disregarded advice from one of the technicians from the HVAC business downtown about regularly servicing the system. Over the past week, I have noticed a lot of dust on my surfaces. The indoor air quality also felt compromised. I had to give in and call a technician to have a look at the system. It turns out that the system only needed some tender loving care after a long time of negligence. The technician ran a full air conditioner tune-up which included cleaning the HVAC ducts and reinforcing the duct sealing to keep the cool air in. The zone control also functioned better for the rooms with uneven temperatures.
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