We ended up fixing the old van quite nicely

Eventually, we saw a ductless mini split air conditioner for sale

My parents for the longest time had this old van that just sat in the back of our house. My father always said he was going to replace the motor in the thing because it was a good van in fairly good condition, it just couldn’t drive anywhere. My buddies and I used to hang out in that van a lot and would roll the windows down for a cool breeze. Most of the time, we would just play cards, chess, checkers, and other such games. One time a buddy said he wished we had working air conditioning in the van. While there was an AC system, without a working engine that seemed impossible. Then I thought maybe we could hook up some solar panels and use a window AC unit. We actually did this and it worked, but we had to keep the window AC unit propped on the side of the van, but it kept the whole van cool! We couldn’t believe how well that solar panel system worked, it was only 2 solar panels on the top of the van. Eventually, we saw a ductless mini split air conditioner for sale. We ended up getting it and we hooked up the condenser unit to the back of the van and installed the indoor AC unit inside. This thing worked like a breeze. Eventually, we put a new engine in the van and were able to ride around to different camping sites and the AC system always worked whether the van was off or on thanks to the HVAC running off the solar panels.
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