Taking the long way lake house

The other day when I was on my way lake house from work I was forced to have to take the long way home.

I was not ecstatic about this one bit.

The reason it all had to happen was because there was this heating and A/C business truck that had broken down right in the middle of the highway! I do not suppose what happened or how it happened, but this heating and A/C business truck was stuck on the road blocking traffic. I could have just sat there and waited for a tow truck to come along to help the heating and A/C truck, although I did not want to wait that long because it could have been hours for all I know. So I swallowed my pride and headed for the long route lake house through towns and usual roads and side streets. I don’t suppose how long it took them to get the heating and A/C worker from the local heat and cooling system business off the road and back to his Heating in addition to Air Conditioning building, although I was just ecstatic that I didn’t stick around to find out or I may not have ever got lake house until super late in the evening. I never imagined a heating and A/C truck would even be on the highway since they usually do heating and cooling lake house services in local towns only, maybe someone ordered emergency Heating in addition to Air Conditioning lake house services from out of town for some reason. Who knows and who entirely cares?

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