The horrible hotel

I recently was staying at this 1 hotel on company as well as it was entirely awful! I mean the place was clean as well as all as well as not a dump or dive.

  • It was just that they did not have quality laboring heating as well as A/C! It is the time of the year when you need both heat as well as at weird times of the day.

Heating at night while sleeping as well as air conditioning in the day because it is warm. And the heating as well as cooling component they had just did not provide out the power that it should have. I complained to the front desk a number of times as well as they did nothing about it. I suppose for sure I will never stay at this place again! I would have rather slept in my car to be totally honest. Because at least my car has quality heating as well as A/C. I also complained to my work who sent myself and others to this hotel to stay. They paid for it. If they hadn’t been paying I would have left instantly as well as got another hotel. But since they were paying for it, I had no option but to stay at this place. I was just glad to be home again once it was all said as well as done! I have a quality central heating as well as A/C plan that is brand new as well as totally modern. I paid a lot for it as well. It is 1 of the best heating as well as air conditioners on the market today in HVAC technology. Why this hotel did not have quality heating as well as A/C is beyond me.



a/c serviceman