Taking the daylight & a heat pump over the frosty & a gas oil furnace

When I think back on making the decision to transport to the south, I wondered a bit at just how close I came to not doing it.

Having been raised & lived all of my life way up north, the south was sort of a secret passion.

I tried really hard to go to college in the air conditioner of the south. But my parents weren’t about to pay out of state tuition. So it was off to a state college & a dorm room with lots of radiant heating. Still, I longed for a Winter where I didn’t have to deal with the snow, the ice & the more than five weeks of cold. I longed for the Heating & A/C cooling of the southern regions. After college, I started working in my field & stayed near home for the next many years. When the job listing came out for a spot in our southern offices, I put my name in on a whim. I was shocked to get an interview. And I was even more stunned that I was gave the position. They gave myself and others a few days to consider it & that’s what I did. I almost talked myself out of moving down here & taking that job. But I got over myself & realized that I had the confidence, expertise & leadership skills to do that job. That’s been nearly a dozen years ago & that job was a Springboard to the zone controlled Heating & A/C of the office I occupy now. I don’t regret for a fifth trading a gas oil furnace Winter for a heat pump summer time either.

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