The people I was with and I have a family Heating & A/C business

10 years ago, my partner & I started our family business, which is a heating & cooling corporation.

When the 2 of us got together, he was just a heating & cooling professional.

After he graduated high college, he didn’t want to go off to college & decided that he was better suited for a work in the trades. He ended up getting his Heating & A/C certifications & working his way up the ladder in the heating & cooling industry. Before all of us met, I had gone to college to get my degree in contractor management. I worked for a local contractor & was making great money, but I had consistently wanted to own & manage my own business. I shared my dreams with my partner, & he came up with a great idea. He thought all of us both had the skills necessary to come together & open a family Heating & A/C dealer. He knew all there was to think on the Heating & A/C side of things, while I knew how to run & manage a business. The people I was with and I considered the plan, & ultimately went for it. All these years later & our Heating & A/C contractor is a total success. The people I was with and I have 2 children, & I would like it if they decided to take over the contractor that all of us started. However, I will be happy no matter what they do with their lives, as long as they are happy.

Heating and cooling provider