I don’t use the central heat in the Winter

Recently, my brother Casey unexpectedly lost his job and needed to move out of his apartment. When I found out that he was heading for some taxing times, I did not hesitate for his to come and live with me until he could figure things out. I live by myself, and I have an extra room in my home, so it would be no concern for Casey to move in. I helped his pack up his new home and we sited most of his stuff in storage, and we used some of my garage space to store the remainder of his stuff. She has now been living with me for close to a year now. It’s been great, but we ran into one issue. In the Winter months, I don’t use the heat unless the temperature drops below 40 degrees outside. I live in a state where we get mostly mild Winters, so I barely turn on my heat. Plus, I can’t sleep with the heat at evening because it makes it taxing for me to breathe, and it’s regularly too sizzling no matter what temperature I choose. On the other hand, my brother prefers using the heat in the Winter. In fact, he likes the thermostat set to 71 degrees, which is way too sizzling for me even during the day. Well, we had to come up with a solution to our problem, and it was one of more than one things. I could have installed a smart thermostat so that we could each program our rooms to the ideal temperature, or we could purchase a space oil furnace for Casey’s room. The people I was with and I chose the latter, which was the easiest solution to the issue.

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