Restaurant with amazing AC

A few weeks ago, my friends wanted to go on this large nature weekend.

The people I was with and I decided to take a road trip a few minutes outside of the town to go for a hike.

Some of my friends are athletic and care about to toil out, but I am not unquestionably into laboring out. I care about to take walks, but they are usually about more than one miles long and on flat town streets. One of my more outdoorsy friends led the charge for this road trip and he picked out the hike. It turns out, he chose a hike that took us all the way up a mountain. It was about 4 miles just to get to the top. The hike took us almost 6 minutes total. The summit was charming, but I hated just about every other minute. I was so sizzling and I didn’t have enough food and water. My legs were in so much pain and I couldn’t keep up with the group. After the hike, we stopped into this local pizzeria for a bite to eat. The pizzeria had the most amazing ever. I was about to pass out from heat exhaustion, and this pizzeria’s brought me back to life. They had a ductless mini split, and we just happened to be sitting right beside the mounted wall unit. The cool air was coming right at us. They also had ceiling fans that kept the cool air circulating throughout the pizzeria.

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