It was not the same

When I went to buy air filters for our central heating and a/c last time they were all sold out of the regular HEPA air filters that I buy.

  • I am not used to honestly having any other kinds of air filters other than the HEPA brand air filters for our central heating and a/c unit.

So I had to buy these generic air filters instead because I could not go separate from any air filters in our central heating and a/c. If you do not put some kind of air filter in your central heating and a/c it will possibly cause it to work overtime and eventually burn out the motor. And that could mean either a motor updatement or the investment into a brand up-to-date and honestly costly central heating and a/c which would cost thoUSAnds! This is why I had to settle for generic air filters. Well I will tell you that having these things were not the same. They honestly did not make the air quality in our home honestly good and I ended up having to change these air filters at the end of every single month! Not good! I eventually got fed up with it all and decided to just go online and order some HEPA brand air filters from this a single website and have them shipped to our house. Sure it was a little more costly, but I would do anything to have our HEPA air filters over these generic air filters that were not doing me nor our central heating and a/c any good.

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