Heat pump goes from heating to cooling just like that

The more I listened to the HVAC technician, the more amazed I was that we even have heating and cooling in our homes.

I would highly recommend that every homeowner learn about their HVAC equipment.

Not only is it fascinating but it really helps remind you just how essential quality heating and air is in our lives. I think most of us would agree that we generally take residential HVAC for granted. All of us have been raised with HVAC equipment. At least most of us since residential HVAC had been around since the 50’s. I know that I grew up in a home that always had quality heating and air. So when I became a homeowner, I just expected to have that as well. We bought a house that came with new heating and cooling equipment so we were set from the start. I made sure that the HVAC professionals were out for heating maintenance in the fall. Then, I called the HVAC company again in the spring for the air conditioning tune-up. And this spring, I asked the HVAC technician if I could watch and learn. He was more than amenable to that request and I learned just so much about the heat pump in our house. I’m now even more amazed at just how the heat pump simply goes from heating to cooling by reversing the refrigerant flow. It’s just astounding that genius engineers were able to harness physics the way they did with the heat pump. It’s essentially the same process. When the heat pump is cooling the house, it’s pumping heat out of the house to be replaced by cooler air.


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