I have decided to get my air duct cleaned

Last week, I was mindlessly scrolling through social media.

It’s crazy how much time we spend doing nothing on the internet.

Before I knew it, an hour passed, and I consumed so much information as well as videos. Well, while scrolling, I came across an ad by an HVAC company that was promoting cleaning air ducts. And this ad showed how dirty the air ducts were. I was shocked to see the amount of build up inside of them. And it made me think of the ducts in my home. I have lived here for about 5 years now, and I have never cleaned them. So, I can’t begin to imagine what has built up over the years. Thankfully, I don’t have a pet, and I don’t smoke so I am assuming it isn’t so bad. But I am sure that there is a lot of dust, debris as well as insect carcasses. The recommendation for air duct cleaning is to do it as needed. For instance, if you notice an odor coming from your vents, it could be a dead animal trapped inside the air duct, and you should definitely get it cleaned. Also, if you notice any weird smells or see visible signs of mold, an air duct cleaning is recommended. However, after seeing that advertisement, I have scheduled to have them cleaned. I would rather have clean air ducts than ones with a lot of excess build up. The good news is, once I get it done now, I don’t need to do it for another 3 to 5 years.


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