Portable air conditioners have improved over the years

A few years ago, my dad retired from his job, and he moved out of the city.

He now lives in a house with a big yard, where he grows his own food.

In addition to his garden, he also has a work shed, where spends much of his days building and fixing random things that he has accumulated over the years. Well, you can imagine how hot it can get being in a shed all day, so my dad wanted to find a way to cool the space. He asked me to research portable air conditioners for him after seeing a commercial on TV. Unfortunately, the reviews I read were not convincing enough to purchase a portable air conditioner. I also looked into other brands and models to see if I could find one that performed well, but to no avail. So, I insisted that my dad get an industrial size fan and use that instead. He has used the fan for a few years now with no complaints. But last Summer was quite warm so the fan might not be the most ideal option right now. Therefore, I have decided to get him the portable A/C. I came across a few units with fantastic ratings. It seems like the manufacturers have improved the technology. One customer made a claim that her unit dropped the temperature in her room by about 20 degrees in 15 minutes. And other customers were extremely happy with the performance. So, now I feel more comfortable getting my dad the portable air conditioner that he wanted a few years ago. This unit however will be a better version than what was on the market back then.


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