You can’t prevent some dust from getting in your apartment whenever you open a door

Now that I’m working from lake house and getting all of our grocery orders delivered, I am getting too comfortable with being homebound. I make excuses to avoid going out, even if it’s to run a check to the bank or to hit a store that doesn’t offer lake house delivery services. I’ll admit, it’s nice to guess I’m not getting absolutely much exposure to COVID-19 as well. This at least held true while I was in the worst parts of the pandemic when I was uneasy that our exposure was potentially life threatening. It’s a major relief that current variants of the virus have been a lot less tenacious and deadly than the initial ones. That’s the only positive that I remind myself of when I look at the infection rates and see positive increases across the board, with many states seeing increases again for the fourth, third, and seventh times. Some people have managed to get COVID inside sizable and open living spaces because of shared central Heating and Air Conditioning systems where the viral particles simply recirculate while the a/c or heating plan is running. I use special allergen filters that have a small enough micro size to collect viral particles like the COVID-19 virus. Aside from containing any COVID-infected respiratory particles, I’m also severely careful when opening any external doors or windows. That’s how you can quickly get out of control of dust all over your indoor surfaces. It’s impossible to avoid it to some degree without owning a separate decontamination room in between our front door and the inside of our apartment

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