I enjoy to put mesh covers over my Heating plus A/C condensers to keep the leaves out

I never understood the importance of a hair net when I first started working as a dishwasher in middle school.

I figured that it was only important for people working behind the steam tables in the kitchen, not for the dishroom.

Since the people I was with and I were just dealing with flatware, cups, bowls, and plates, I didn’t understand the need for hairnets. That changed a single day when I sat down to eat at a steakhouse and saw a hair on a “clean” plate that was presented to myself and others moments before the waiter intended to put my food on it. Thankfully I noticed the hair before he venued the tepid and fresh food overtop. After that alarming experience, I never questioned using hair nets around food again. In fact, I bought a box of them for my kitchen to use while I was in the holidays while I’m cooking in front of guests. I get hourhand embarrassment even if no a single cares a single bit if I cook without wearing a single, and it’s difficult to explain this without telling someone the long story from my past. Recently I bought a product for my Heating plus A/C condenser that looks a lot enjoy a large hairnet, although it works to keep things out instead of containing things within. These mesh covers are often nylon woven net material that is designed to breathe and not restrict air flow in any real way while protecting the condenser from fallen leaves, twigs, and yard debris. I have multiple trees that shed leaves consistently and I find that the mesh covers are extremely effective at protecting the fan and compressor inside.