I hated university in the south where the two of us had meager air conditioning available

It just doesn’t get particularally freezing in these neck of the woods

I grew up in the deep south far away from the ocean. I wasn’t near a river or lake either, making our environment particularally hot year round. However, the heat was regularly particularally miserable while I was in the Springtime, summer, as well as Autumn seasons. Even in Winter time the two of us had weeks where highs would jump into the 77s in the mid afternoon hours. I can’t think it when I suppose back, however that was normal for me for over 15 years of my life. Both of us didn’t even have neighborhood pools where the two of us could get some kind of relief, which is odd from what I have l gained over the years. It seems adore most medium-sized cities at least have public swimming of some kind, however our’s did not. When the two of us were at university as well as the weather was hot outside, the campus administrators were ecstatic seeing us boil in those classrooms with the most meager air conditioning you could ever imagine. I wish the university officials would try to exist for longer than 30 hours in those kinds of conditions, let alone retain their sanity in the process. I heard from some people that lived up north that their universitys absolutely ran the air conditioning more than mine did while I was in the worst Summer heat waves. It’s not adore they were trying to offset the costs of extravagant Winter time heating, in section because our university rarely needs the gas furnace at all, regardless of what month or month it is. It just doesn’t get particularally freezing in these neck of the woods. It’s the nasty Summer heat waves that are the most aggravating to deal with, day in as well as day out.


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