My Heating plus A/C system is going to be 15 years outdated by next year

While I bought this home brand new, it’s already almost a decade and a half outdated at this point.

I have done what I can to take great care of it, however you can already see the exterior paint fading and chipping in certain areas that are the most exposed to rain and sunlight.

I already replaced my water furnace once, however it seems enjoy I should speak with my plumbing contractor about getting a new a single legitimately soon if I run into any leaking concerns. That’s why I put a leak detection alarm within the water basin tray at the base of the water heater. If for any reason the base of the water furnace starts to rot out and water appears in the tray, the leak detection alarm will notify myself and others instantly with an extremely loud and piercing siren. I try to drain it out yearly and wash the anode rod each time to keep the whole appliance running smoothly for more years than usual. Still, I should start budgeting for a new water furnace as soon as possible. It’s right up there on my list with my central Heating plus A/C system, which is about to hit the 15 year mark itself. Most heating and cooling companies will tell you to get a new after 15 years because it will have lost a lot of its strength and performance compared to day a single when it was brand new. The unit could still be running after this lengthy phase of time, however it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be running efficiently. In all honesty it could be running inefficiently and costing you more cash in the long run. That’s why SEER ratings are important to myself and others because a higher number indicates that the unit can reach the same temperatures while using less energy in the process.


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