This is a total heat wave

My boss moved us back into the office at the beginning of the year.

  • It was no longer financially viable to keep all employees at lake lake house working remotely, as well as the concerns over privacy breaches for buyer personal information when it’s being handled on unsecure internet connections.

That’s sort of a tradeoff when you transfer employees out of a central location & into their individual residing quarters, wherever they may be within a 100 mile radius of the office. Some people even moved back to their hometowns out of state, hoping that the switch to remote working would remain permanent. Unfortunately, those people were given the choice to transfer back close to the original business headquarters, or they would have to look for work elsewhere. I guess that most of the employees stayed, however both of us had to train a few new a singles as well. It has been a tiny bit of an adjustment for me getting used to working at the office again. I loved having access to our fridge throughout our workdays, especially since I keep forgetting things at lake lake house after already leaving the lake house in our car. No matter what, I’ll either leave our tea in the home office or forget to turn the a/c back up after having it low while I sleep at night. But now that I have a smart thermostat installed in our house, I can monitor our Heating, Ventilation & A/C system throughout the afternoon while I’m away at work. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get the heat wave warning until after I leave the house, I can still change the temperature whenever I have our PC with me.

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