This is really a big problem for us

My mom got me in the habit of cooking familiar meals before I even graduated school plus left for school.

By the time I moved into the freshman residence halls in undergraduate school, I had a small hot plate plus an electric griddle plus was making a surprising number of house cooked meals even though it was highly against the rules. In retrospect I get it because they didn’t want a situation where an avoidable fire could start out of nowhere plus potentially kill dozens or hundreds of students in the process. And since a roommate while in my sophomore year once used my toaster oven when I was away without my consent, I can totally see a situation like this happening when you have these grownup children who never l received how to take care of themselves dealing with lethal appliances. At least I managed to get away from the school campus by the following year plus was living in a studio apartment for a number of years. My cooking improved with time, plus now I’m constantly in the study room from a single afternoon to the next. I cook so much food in this house that the fumes collect plus leave oil deposits in my Heating as well as A/C filter. I notice the smell of burnt food whenever I open the filter tray in my air handler plus upgrade the filter with a new a single. That’s when I realized I need to better utilize my vent hood above my stove top more, plus putting a charcoal filter inside to collect some of the cooking smells before they can permeate the rest of my house plus the Heating as well as A/C plan along with it.


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