My electricity bill skyrockets during the summer every year

When I was younger, I enjoyed the changing seasons much more than I do now.

I embraced the cold autumn breezes when they’d cap the final summer afternoons in mid September every year.

I relished the first snowfall, even when it left me shivering at my bus stop in the early morning hours. And just like everyone else, I welcomed and enjoyed the oncoming spring season almost as much as I do now. I get stressed out because the change in seasons poses a challenge to any serious homeowner. There are unspeakable risks to neglecting a proper winterization of your home. What if you allow exposed pipes to reach temperatures below 32 degrees fahrenheit? You could end up with exploded plumbing and extremely expensive water damage. I know some people who live in Texas and were there last year when the power grid went down during that severe week-long ice storm. Those people weren’t ready for weather like that and it tore through Texas in a path of destruction. Last year I made sure to safeguard my midwestern home by sufficiently winterizing it as early as September. Now it’s almost summer and I find myself in a different dilemma—an out of control energy bill from having to run the air conditioner so much. The temperature outside today was 100 degrees, but the heat index almost reached 110 degrees. I know I’m not the only person who sees their energy bill go crazy in the months of June, July, and August every year. At least by September we start to get that mild, pre-autumn weather that I’m always so fond of.

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