I l gained it all myself

I am quite proud of myself.

I am a certified heating and a/c specialist this week with a great steady job.

However, it didn’t beginning out that way. When I had to go to Heating plus A/C school to get my certification I was pretty nervous. So what I did before going to school to become a certified heating and a/c specialist was buy a bunch of books on the heating and a/c industry and even go as far as to learn how to service central heat and a/c units along with installing them! Once I felt appreciate I knew the ropes, I then signed up to go to heating and a/c school. While the school was great to get the certification and teach basics, it would not have been a great thing had I not already prepared and studied myself! I more or less will constantly say that I self taught myself to be a heating and a/c specialist and then just went through the motions to get the certification so I would be able to work in the heating and cooling field. Had I not done this I undoubtedly do not suppose I would have passed the final exam at heating and a/c school at all. I would have failed because they do not give enough time to learn things if you suppose nothing about heating and cooling going into it. So i was 1 step ahead of the game. I actually passed heating and a/c school with what they call honors. They entirely thought that I had some background already in heating and a/c!

HVAC professional