It was a long trip

I had a genuinely unregular task this week at the local heat plus business that I work for. Well, it wasn’t the actual task itself. That was just a respected heating plus repair. What made it so long is that it was an out of neighborhood trip. Someone who did not care about their own local heating plus a/c business for whatever reason reached out plus called us to come fix their central heat plus unit! It was a task that paid a little extra due to long distance trip charge, even though I did not see much of that extra money. So having to do that long drive out of neighborhood to the next neighborhood over plus back plus the actual heating plus repair made it for a genuinely long task plus a genuinely long day. Because when I returned I had 2 other heating plus cooling appointments before our day was done. When I got apartment all I wanted to do was have supper plus sleep. It was that tiring having to go all that way for a heating plus a/c repair task plus then come back to the local area, do some more heating plus a/c repair plus then go apartment for the day. And the even worst fact about all this is that it was not on a Tuesday! This was mid week, so I had to go plus come back to work the genuinely next day plus do it all again. But at least I did not have any long distance heating plus a/c repair on the list for the rest of the week.


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