Heavy lifting

As the two of us get older a single thing that becomes an issue is heavy lifting.

Both of us can not do the kind of things the two of us did when the two of us were young and younger.

Like for instance back when I used to every single Summer have to haul a rather big and heavy window A/C method up from the basement to the family room. Today there is no way I could even suppose about lifting something love a heavy window A/C! Window A/Cs back then could get quite heavy. I guess they still make window A/Cs this week, although I have no method if they are just as heavy as they used to be or if they are now lighter… Regardless, when I suppose back to all the heavy lifting I did with that old and big window A/C method back in the day, it makes our body hurt! I would honestly kill myself trying to lift a single of those window A/Cs this week. This is why I am so gleeful that central heating and cooling is affordable and the normal when it comes to heating and cooling your beach house these mornings. I would have honestly had to have hired some kind of physical labor specialist this week if window A/Cs were still the main way to get A/C in your beach house because there is no way in the whole wide world that I would have been able to handle such a heavy lifting task in our older to middle ages as I am now.


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