Quick supper

This week at the heating plus a/c business that I work at all of us had the most tied up day! The schedule was packed with tasks back to back plus there was hardly any time to breathe or take breaks.

As a result of this, I had to have a quick supper this week on the go during between 2 heating plus a/c repair tasks.

There was a 30 minute gap plus I figured this would be the best time to have our supper… Usually I have supper at a diner or something; But this week I ended up having to go through fast food drive through plus eat on the side of the road in our Heating plus A/C truck. This is how tied up it was, but when you have heating plus a/c appointments you have to keep them, but you must always be on time! Especially if you are not an independent heat plus specialist plus work for a heating plus a/c business. If you do not, you can get in some serious trouble plus possibly lose your task unless you have a genuinely nice reason for being late to a heating plus a/c appointment. And in those cases it has to be cleared by management. Having supper is not an excuse as far as they are sad, so on those days is when you have to get a quick supper care about I did this week. I am not cheerful about taking quick supperes care about this, but at the same time I would be even more unhappy if the heating plus a/c business that I work for fired myself and others for taking a regular supper plus being late!

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