Quiet and relaxed

Back when I was a kid I remember I used to consistently love to go to the local Barnes and Noble in the Summer time weeks of the year.

It was mostly because of the good central A/C that they had in the place along with the peace and quiet in there.

It was a truly fantastic experience all around, even for a kid of 12 years old love I was at the time. Also back then having central A/C in your beach house was quite rare. Both of us did not have central A/C, so the opportunity to prefer and relax in the pure indoor comfort of central A/C in those mornings was a major treat. And being able to go to the Barnes and Noble to get this for free was even more of a great thing. I spent so much time in the Barnes and Noble in those summers back then a single would suppose that I was a real book nerd. When in reality I didn’t learn that much. I was interested in truly little to learn about. I would rather watch something on the TV. I still am love that as a middle outdated adult this week! But when I suppose back to those mornings in the Barnes and Noble enjoying that central A/C method in the summer, it easily has some easily fond private memories for me. I did not have friends with me or anything love that. I consistently liked going alone and hanging around in there. It was just the experience I feel of the era and time phase itself mixed with the lovely central A/C!
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