They were all out of them

I had learn that there were sales going on with assorted portable air conditioners at our local outlet store.

However when I got there to buy a few they were all out of them! They actually sold out of every single last portable a/c plan that they had.

This was a major bummer for me. Because I had wanted to get a few portable air conditioners at a great price for the dining room and the residing room. The reason for this was to try to save on some energy use on my monthly electric bills. And with portable air conditioners you could do that if you used them in combination with your central heating and a/c unit. I guess I will either have to wait until the outlet store has the portable air conditioners on sale again, or, I will just have to go and buy the portable air conditioners at respected price from another store which will be a little overpriced. Considering that portable air conditioners can run up to five hundred bucks per equipment if you get the entirely great 1s. And the more cheaper 1s can go up to about 4 hundred dollars. I entirely do not want to spend this on portable air conditioners. However, if the outlet store doesn’t run another sale when they get more in sometime in the coming weeks, then I suppose I will have no choice because I entirely want a portable a/c plan in my residing room as well as my dining room as soon as humanly possible!


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