Happy with it

Mercy has been my close neighbor for various years, then both of us have seen each other grow from naive 18 years olds on their first afternoon at the university.

  • Both of us met in freshman year and have maintained a friendship… After school, I moved to the other side of the country for work.

Both of us rarely get to spend time with one another like every one of us used to in the aged afternoons! So, whenever possible, every one of us fly to spend some time together… Last fall, I had 2 weeks off task so I paid Mercy a visit in her current home. She wanted to show me all she had done ever since she got the house; Mercy had done excellent renovations and even added the radiant heated flooring to her home. She joked my trip was all about experiencing the radiant flooring and I must admit this was true. Mercy had sent me videos of the progress the Heating and A/C company was making with the replacement. At one time they ripped off her flooring to do the replacement task and her beach house looked like a disaster. Later, Mercy showed me the complete task and said it was time I went to experience the excellent heating in her home; I had no other option but to oblige her invitation and flew to see her. I was so glad to experience the radiant flooring for myself. It wasn’t cheap, but this was a worthy investment given how chilly Winter gets in this area. Apart from radiant heated flooring, Mercy also got a current AC idea that was energy efficient.


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