Building my own company from the ground up

Two years ago I decided to start my own Heating and cooling business.

I was worried about taking this sizable leap into the unknown but I knew it was best for me.

I wasn’t glad with the job I had been working at, and getting another job wasn’t what I was wanting to do. I had long since decided that I hadwanted to become my own boss and why not do it with a heating and A/C company? It made the most sense to me because my father was a heating and A/C worker, and I had consistently been interested in repairing things myself. I actually made a fantastic side income when I was 15 repairing weird things for the village kids. So going into something like this just felt natural to me. I wanted to do all my research so I knew exactly what I was getting into before I decided to take the punch because I knew that once I started there was no going back. I found out all I could about heating and A/C workers, how to correctly run a business, what kind of Heating as well as Air Conditioning products I should carry, how to correctly hire people, and more things like that. I had a rocky start at first but after a couple of years of getting the hang of things, I finally felt like I could do things without even thinking about it. Periodically on some afternoons it just felt like I was going through the motions, but I was doing what I loved. I did not have to depend on anybody anymore. The best section was, my heating and I see this was a success.