Enjoying the new a/c

My boyfriend just installed a brand new a/c into our apartment.

  • That is right he did it all himself, this is because he has the expertise available to do so.

I’m really fortunate because I do not have to worry about ever having problems with our heating or A/C unit. This is because my boyfriend works in the Heating as well as Air Conditioning industry, in fact he is a heating and cooling specialist. This is really kind of Handy multiple times when we are having complications with our A/C system because out of the a/c and the heater, it’s consistently the a/c that seems to split down. My boyfriend brought up the proposal of maybe stopping using the central A/C and just getting a ductless mini split as a temporary solution, however even though he could repair it, he was fatigued of having to do it all the time. It would split almost every week. It was just because it was a cheap heating and A/C system. I understand that having to repair the heating and cooling unit all the time must be frustrating, so I’m fantastic with it if he wants to quit. Thankfully, he doesn’t mind repairing heating and a/cs at our location, it’s only when he has to repair the same a single over and over and it really is not working but he gets fatigued of doing it all the time which as far as I’m anxious is reasonable, ultimately, the two of us just need to get a better location that has a nicer heating and A/C system.

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