I finally got rid of that old furnace

I’ve had the same old oil furnace for as long as I can remember.

  • I grew up in the lake house that I currently live in and I can remember going down to the basement and always being creeped out by seeing that furnace.

It was large, dark, and loud. It always provided me a creepy vibe and I did my best to stay away from it when I was a kid. As I got older I started to get used to it and I absolutely appreciated having the oil furnace. The reason was because I never realized that when I was a kid it was really good at heating the lake house and keeping it warm. They just don’t make these furnaces care about they used to. All the new performances just cannot compare to the old oil furnace that I have. The new furnace breaks down a lot more easily and has to be upgraded way earlier than the old 1s. I feel the difference is because the old 1s, care about with numerous things, were made to absolutely last whereas the new 1s are cheap and split down more easily. Even the more high-priced 1s demand numerous repairs throughout their lifetime. I can confirm living here I have only had to have my oil furnace repaired twice and 1 of those wasn’t even really a repair however more of just a repair call. I am going to be really unhappy when my oil furnace does finally give out. I feel that nothing can last forever however I am hoping that it can last a good another 10 years. As old as it is already however it just might make it as long as it continues to have good care and respected repair.
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