Scheduling an appointment for heating and cooling repair

Today I made an appointment for a heating and a/c worker to come out to my lake house to take a look at my air duct.

I am not sure what has going on however I have been having odd noises coming from the air ducts.

It sounds care about flies buzzing around in there. It started all of a abrupt and I don’t feel what has causing it. I was really wondering if there was something seriously wrong with it or if it’s just something easy care about maybe the air ducts being clogged or something. If it is something care about the air ducts being clogged or something I can easily repair that just by going and paying for a air duct cleaning. When the heating and a/c worker came out I found out that the problem was absolutely absolutely easily accessible, the problem was that my air filter had not been changed in a while and that was causing clogging in the vents. All it took was a easy air filter change and then some cleaning of the vents and the noise went away. It was good to rest back and relax and care about the air separate from having to worry about the odd buzzing noises. I have a good I see that I was working well and I was also working with scrub air ducts! You know, I remember the heating and A/C specialists telling me that your duct cleanings every now and then we are good for your Heating & A/C idea however I didn’t listen, now I know.


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